How To



Client: G7

Brand: Salesforce

Locations: Italy, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, UK

We selected 96 enthusiastic and outgoing brand ambassadors to engage with fans in Italy, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France and the UK; and encourage them to take part in the activation before the beginning of the show.

Our brand ambassadors greeted the fans on arrival and educated them on how they could get involved in supporting both charities; they encouraged them to take a photo with the U2 Salesforce background and to spread the word on their social media accounts with the hashtag #poweredbysalesforce, specially set for the occasion.

The activation aimed to increase both donations and awareness of the two non-profit organisations.


  • Thousands of educated and supportive fans
  • 96 happy ambassadors and one delighted client
  • 75-90% of fan’s Salesforce photos were shared on social media per show
  • Increased awareness of both RED and the Salesforce foundation
  • Very satisfying number of donations


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